Exclusive Financing Program

for municipalities & government entities

By: Andrew Feucht Oct 13, 2020

Exclusive Sur-Seal Liners Financing Program for Municipalities & Government Entities

Now Available through Weston & Associates LLC

Program offers local governments fiscal and maintenance flexibility throughout 2020-2021.

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Navarre, Ohio — Oct 13th, 2020

Weston & Associates LLC, a specialty consultant for both the liquid and dry bulk storage tank industry, has introduced a new Sur-Seal Liner Financing Program exclusively for municipalities and government entities. The program allows municipal and government entity buyers to spread payments out over 12 months.

“Today’s economic climate has many communities looking for ways to economically extend the service life of public works equipment like water and wastewater treatment tanks,” says Weston & Associates President, Andrew Feucht. “Drop-in Sur-Seal Liners can extend the life of aging tanks over 20 years—eliminating the need for tank maintenance and providing cost savings over the purchase of new tanks. Using the new financing program, municipalities can spread their investment in Sur-Seal Liners out over time, freeing up cash to invest in more immediate, high-priority needs.”

Sur-Seal Liners protect tanks, pits, sumps and other containment systems from corroding from the inside out. Liners stand up to highly-corrosive materials due to their construction from high-performance, non-conductive polymers. Before leaving the factory, every liner undergoes standard high voltage testing to ensure it is 100% free of defects.
Each liner is custom-designed and manufactured in Navarre, Ohio.

The Sur-Seal Liners Financing Program is available to municipalities, government entities and approved commercial/industrial clients.

Those interested in applying for the program can contact Weston & Associates LLC directly at 330-791-7118 or [email protected]

Weston & Associates LLC is a global entity, offering comprehensive management solutions from preliminary development, project engineering, procurement, complete project construction services, project commissioning and facility servicing. Headquartered in Navarre, Ohio, Weston’s growing team currently services clients based in the U.S. and abroad.

The company markets and sells Specialty Products by Weston™, a manufacturer of integrated industrial bulk storage solutions including customized Sur-Seal Liners and covers, Enviro-Box™ storage container systems, and tank piping and accessories. For more information, visit westonandassociates.com.

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